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Agrestis Verdolivo 2013

Agrestis - Identity

National Prize for Eco Sustainable Building 2013


Agrestis Packaging

National Prize for Eco Sustainable Building 2011

GigaIH Outdoor adv

Motta home boutique

Primoverde Brand Identity

Paolì di rasoli wine labels

Russo wines anniversary

Deochemical packaging

Liotro Chalet IDENTITY

bruno munari retrospective

Agrestis Flavoured Olive Oils Packaging

General Building Construction Economic and financial report

Agrestis nettaribleo olive oil packaging

Photographic Festival Gianni Berengo Gardin 2010

integrated Systems for Architecture and territory

Bioarchitecture foundation

S.maria la nave olive oil label

s.maria la nave wines identity

esthetic surgery pardo identity

vinicio capossela artwork

graphite HD Illustration

nouvelle deco art & hotel identity studies

Ulisse School Logo

depoca art & hotel identity studies

agrestis olive oil packaging


api ital petrol prize